Addis Red Sea

" Boston's Answer for Authentic Ethiopian Cuisine "

About us

Addis Red Sea is Boston's answer for authentic Ethiopian cuisine coupled with a warm and friendly environment. Established in 1988, Addis Red Sea is proud to offer delicious cuisine that actually reflects true Ethiopian culture.
Ethiopia is a fascinating place. It is a land with culinary delicacies as complex and rich as its culture. Come to Addis Red Sea to experience our unique blend of hospitality and authenticity.

Great Place to enjoy


Honey-wine, Tej is slightly fizzy type of Ethiopian (also Eritrean) mead made from honey and flavoured with powdered leaves and a bittering agent which is a sort of woody hops called gesho. It ferments naturally without additional yeast. Come and have a taste. :)


Tuesday to Friday: 5:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday: Noon - 11:00 PM